Monday, June 18, 2018

It's Saturday night. Do you know where your teenagers are?


The increase of additional living space at the lowest cost

Increase your square footage of up to possibly 33%.  It is the best value per sq/ft.  Imagine the resale value of more finished space. Finished basement remodeling brings in the best percentage of return (70%) for any major remodeling activity according to the 2018 Cost/Value report put out by Remodeling magazine. Remodeling a basement is about one quarter to one third the cost of adding an addition of the same size.

Comfortable family space, exercise room, entertainment.

Games, a pool table, foosball for friendly competition, Thursday night card games and even a professional home theater. Children can run around without messing up the upstairs and you can just close the door when guests arrive. Often people want a flex space that can be utilized by different members of the family. Workshops to dog washing stations, the uses are unlimited.

A great space for a guest bedroom suite.

Why use valuable spatial real estate upstairs for a room that is likely only used several times a year. Once relocated, you and your guests will appreciate having complete privacy. You can now use the extra well-lit room upstairs for an office or a yoga studio. With many of today's extended families, an in-law suite with a kitchenette has been very popular with Architecturally Speaking’s clients.

Have your home be the place where the teenagers gather.

It’s great having a space where you can monitor and get to know your kid’s friends better.

Would you rather have your kids and their friends hang out safely at your home . . . or somewhere else?

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